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Boot Fitting

At Bennetts Winter Sports your comfort is key! With 20 years of boot fitting experience our trained professional can help guide you to the comfort your feet deserve.

Boot fitting FAQ's

How long will a boot fit take?

A boot fitting will usually take around 90 minutes. It can be longer depending on any precise fitting requirements or alterations during the process. Please allow yourself at least two hours in order to enjoy the full service offered.

How much does a boot fit cost?

NOTHING! The fitting service is FREE. You only pay for the boots and the custom made footbed. You may even get a free tea/coffee if you're lucky.

What do I need to bring with me?

It is advisable to bring a pair of Ski socks with you that represent what you would normally wear whilst skiing. This will help the fitting process so you know how they will feel on the slopes.

What do I need to do during the boot fit?

Enjoy the process. Questions will be asked of your skiing ability and your feet precisely measured (so you'll need to get your bare feet out). Then our expert fitter will narrow our wide selection of boots down to two for you to try on and compare.

What is a 'custom made footbed'?

A 'custom made footbed' is something that you will learn more about at the boot fit. Essentially it is an inner sole that is made perfectly to fit the shape of your foot. It will be made in store during the fitting process. All ski boots have an inner sole in them, just like your trainers do but these do not adequately support your foot in the boot, a custom made one is far better and highly recommended.

Can two of us get fitted at the same time?

YES! Couples or friends can be fitted at the same time (known as a 'double boot fit'). This can be an advantage for some as you can take to your partner/friend about how the boots feel and guide one another through the process. 

What is 'heat moulding'?

The final thing to do in the process is to 'heat mould' the liners (inner) of the boot to better fit around your heel and ankle. This again is FREE and all part of the fitting service.

How do I book a boot fit?

If you've read this far the GREAT! Booking a fitting is easy. Call us on 01226 248896 and we will arrange a suitable appointment for you.

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